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Vision. Planning. Storytelling. Videography. Photography. Film. Consulation.

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Liis Andre - Micolon is a Creative Director located in Tallinn, Estonia. Liis has over a decade of experiences in creative work with Photography and Videography as well as in Sales and Marketing Management.

All these experiences combined with the contrasting skills of coding have given Liis the freedom to pursue her passion for creative work with projects that are dear to her heart in her personal studio in the city center of Tallinn.

Her style of work can be best described by two words:

dark & candid

Liis Andre-Micolon in her studio

Current projects

[ Tagaiste ]

Starting 1th of December 2023

A social project of video interviewing people who usually don't get to speak for themselves in the Estonian society. The Tagaiste project is intended to be educational and therapeutic to anyone who has had contact with social issues or is interested in human nature.

[ Eesti Paigad ]

2018 - Present

Eesti Paigad was created to explore and introduce the hidden gems of Estonian accommodations while offering the hosts a variety of marketing tools such as SEO, social media exposure, as well as photos and videos, all in Estonian, English and Finnish.

Additionally I have provided content for many brands, cities as well as Visit Estonia and European Commission.

Liis Andre-Micolon


  • Project Management
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Consultation
  • 'I have something else in mind'

Liis Andre-Micolon Studio

[ Laulupeo 21, Tallinn, Estonia ]

Pre-booking only[email protected]
Liis Andre-Micolon